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General Practitioner Clinic Bali

      Bali 000 clinic was formed from a vision to establish an international standard medical center in a bid to cater the growing of community needs of high quality healthcare medical services for family, residents and tourists in Bali and our compassion to respond to the dynamic social transformation in Indonesia. Bali 000 is a stand-alone medical facility dedicated to providing excellent medical services for locals, expatriates and tourists , located strategically in the heart of the coastal tourist area of Sanur, Bali. Thus, makes us reachable by our patients granting easy access for patients coming from all over Bali. Moreover, We offers the service that brings professional physicians for your comfort and convenience to your home, villa or hotels that all around Sanur Beach, Sesetan, Sidakarya, By Pass Ngurah Rai. What are you waiting for ? Come visit us we have General Practitioner Clinic Bali, Swab PCR Bali, Rapid Test Antigen Bali and other laboratorium check in Bali 000

general practitioner clinic bali

Bali 000 continually updates its facilities and staff qualification process to meet both international and Indonesian standards. Patients can rest assured that they are receiving quite possibly the best care in Bali. In improving the quality of healthcare services in Bali, Bali 000 applies values that prioritize patient’s safety, quality info to patients and proper medical records.

With equal access to medical care in Indonesia still a challenge, Bali 000 business strategy allows its clinic to operate on a lower cost based on economic of scale. Hence, Bali 000 is able to increase affordability from all socio-economic backgrounds and provide access to quality and affordable healthcare all over Indonesia.

In Bali 000 we make sure all of our patients experienced Our Value which is Love, Caring, Integrity, Honesty, Empathy, Compassion, Professionalism. We dedicated to our daily goals which is provide optimal clinical outcomes, maintain a high level of patient and family satisfaction and provide an environment that promotes patient satisfaction. We are ready to help at any time and we hope to continue this service into the future.

Our Service in Bali 000 Clinic Sanur

Bali 000 Sanur encompasses cares of Excellence: The Intravenous IV Therapy, Telehealth/Telemedicine, Medical assistance of Comorbid support , The Accident Care, Medical Assistance Check up, CosMedic Care, On calls Home or Hotels Service, Swab PCR in Bali, Rapid Test Antigen in Bali, Family Medical care which altogether not only enhances the health infrastructure on the southern tip of Bali, but also pioneers medical tourism in Indonesia.

Hydration therapy Intravenous

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General Practitioner

Wound Care

general practitioner clinic bali

Medical Consultation

swab pcr in bali

Swab PCR in Bali

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Rapid Antigen Test in Bali

Bali 000 is a general practitioner clinic that always puts patient safety first, because your health is number one for us