Bali000 is Now Integrated with E-HAC

Bali000 is Now Integrated with E-HAC

Big news! because Bali000 is Now Integrated with E-HAC – What’s is E-HAC? E-HAC stands for Electronic – Health Alert Card, one of the e-Cards that are often a condition of flight out of town. The E-HAC is a modern version of the health alert card used earlier.

According on the official website of the Ministry of Health Indonesia, the E-HAC system was developed by the Indonesian Ministry of Health, in this case, the Directorate of Health Surveillance and Quarantine, Directorate General of Disease Prevention and Control.

“At this time the traffic of passenger arrivals to and from Indonesia is difficult to avoid, so it takes a system to monitor quickly against all prospective visitors who will come to Indonesia through the sea port gate or airport,” The Ministry of Health wrote on its official website.

Apart from that, continued The Ministry of Health, E-HAC is also needed in line with the increasing issue of transmission of diseases, especially coronavirus (Covid-19) which is very widespread today.

“Therefore, an adequate monitoring mechanism and instrument is also needed, in order to reduce the risk of the Indonesian state to the impact of transmission of this disease/virus,” he wrote.

What You Can or Shouldn’t Do with E-HAC

Things you need to do as an E-HAC user

• As a prospective passenger with a destination to Indonesia, you must register before your departure. To facilitate yourself and the officer, fill in the form, with your personal data correctly After you arrive in Indonesia, at the airport or port show the barcode on the E-HAC application on your device to the health officer, who will check the data that you have filled in before.

In case of emergency, where you need medical assistance immediately, you can press the panic button located on the E-HAC application. Things you shouldn’t do as an E-HAC user – Fill out a form on an application with invalid data.

– Do not convey the symptoms of health problems experienced by the actual state Pressing the panic button without any emergency in terms of health that you experience.

– You can learn more about what is or isn’t allowed, on the EHAC application service policy page.

For more information about E-HAC you can access or download this file from Ministry of Health official website.

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Bali000 is Now Integrated with E-HAC !

After undergoing the procedure to take care of the permit with E-HAC, we in bali000 have finally been officially integrated with E-HAC. This indicates that our clinic can officially accept patients to perform Covid-19 tests and can be used to travel out of the city safely if negative from covid-19.

To see how this E-HAC works in bali000 and how to order for SWAB test covid-19, please watch the video below.

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