News Link Updated From 13th Jul 2020

News Link Updated From 13th Jul 2020

1. Satpol PP: A Vagrant Foreigner Wandered in Bali Was Reported to Rusian Consulate, No Response
2. Ministry of Law and Human Rights Predicted that 7000 Foreign Tourists Are Still in Bali While Covid-19.
3. Updated Covid-19 in Bali, Recovered Patients Were 97 People, 62 Positive People. .
4. Adat Officers Were Involved In Health Protocol Enforcement in Bali

5. New Normal in Bali, LinkAja Provided Digital Payment in Pandawa Beach

6. KONI Bali Suggested A Non-Physical Contact Pratice

7. Approaching The Tourism Re-Opening for Domestic and International, Koster Increased The Capacity of Swab Test in Bali

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