News Link Updated from 20th May 2020

News Link Updated from 20th May 2020

1. Updated Corona in Bali 20th May 2020: Positive Increased by 8 People with Total 371, 1 Indonesia Migrant Worker, and 7 Local Transmission

2. Covid-19 is Getting Lower, Entering the New Normal Era, This is what Bali Needs to Prepare

3. Revealed, This is The Cause of Corona Local Transmission in Bali Increasing

4. A Child 10 years Old Got Positive Covid-19 in Kelurahan Kesiman Denpasar, 35 People in His Family become OTG (Orang Tanpa Gejala / Without Symptoms)

5. Updated The Number of Patients with Corona Virus Wednesday 20th May 2020 in NTB, NTT, Bali, and Kalimantan

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