News Link Updated From 6th Aug 2020

News Link Updated From 6th Aug 2020

1. Welcoming The Tourism Opening, Grab is Legally Operating in Mengwi Badung Station
2. Indonesia Second Most Confident in Southeast Asia About Reopening, Tourism Study Finds

3. Bali Tourism Post-Pandemic Will Be Reopening Step-by-Step, Employers Will be Tested Covid-19 Periodically

4. Covid-19 Patient’s Recovery Level in Bali Staying High
5. 439 Patients of Covid-19 in Bali Are Still  Under A Treatment. 
6. Confirmed Covid-19, A Wife of A Policeman Passed Away
7. Updated Covid-19 in Bali – 38 People Recovered, Recovery Percentage Was 86.94 Percents, 27 People Positive.

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