Covid-19 Vaccine Updates

Covid-19 Vaccine Updates

It is not a lie that everyone hopes we can overcome the Covid-19 by expecting a vaccine, but since the disease is new, WHO even mentioned no vaccine is developed until now and it can take a number of years for a new vaccine to be developed.1 According to the news in New York Times, they mentioned that The first vaccine safety trials in humans started in March, but the road ahead remains uncertain. Some trials will fail, and others may end without a clear result. But a few may succeed in stimulating the immune system to produce effective antibodies against the virus.2 Some Countries have started this vaccine trial and researches and it becomes a Global Competition. In the three months since the virus began its deadly spread, China, Europe, and the United States have all set off at a sprint to become the first to produce a vaccine.3

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China as the first place where Covid-19 firstly spread, with China’s CanSino Biologics Inc , the company behind one of the few coronavirus vaccine candidates already in clinical trials, is collaborating with Canada’s National Research Council to “pave the way” for future trials in Canada, the research council said. The CanSino vaccine is in early trials, and there is no way to know whether it will work. But if it does, the collaboration could help ensure that Canadians have access to it. Local trial data could reassure Health Canada that the vaccine is safe, and local manufacturing could ensure some doses are at hand.4

A vaccine that protects people from the coronavirus could eventually end the pandemic, but finding one that works and manufacturing enough doses is a huge challenge.4 “The first country to the finish line will be first to restore its economy and global influence,” said Dr. Scott Gottlieb, former commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration. The priority for any country is to protect its own citizens, and governments may reserve supplies produced within their borders for their own use and stockpile doses for future outbreaks.5

These researches and trial would definitely a great hope and how soon people expect it done very soon. Every news, updates are always demanded and waited although it may take a long time. What do you think? Do you think the vacccine will be available very soon?

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